Rock City Market

Local Products, Direct to You

We love local everything. Our love affair started many years ago helping small manufacturers across the state. That passion led us to create Rock City Eats in 2012, a site focusing on local restaurants and food producers all around the state of Arkansas, along with other publications focusing on local food, beer, and arts.

Though we went more of the route focusing on restaurants, our original passion for people making things in this state never ceased, if anything it increased. We found more things we loved in farmers markets, night markets, and little mom and pop shops selling local goods all across the state. 

We also found it hard though to shop these local spots. It would require, sometimes, hitting 5-6 different shops in search of one specific item. Worse if it was a farmer’s market good in the middle of the winter. Then COVID-19 hit and our favorite products became even more scarce. It pushed us over the edge to create Rock City Market, a spot where you can shop for local products anytime. 

Makers, Restaurants, Sellers, and more

We wanted to make a market place unlike any other, that could offer a wide variety of products that you couldn’t get anywhere else. To get there we had to be a store unlike any other. We are not only partnering with traditional shippable products, we are working with local restaurants, food trucks, shops and more to allow you to place orders for local pickup or delivery from the vendor itself. 

We are also working to bring in vendors from all over the state to sell products, and working with them to come up with creative products to provide. 

Put it all together and it means you can buy spices put together in the state, jewelry made by hand from a local maker, a take and bake from your favorite local restaurant, and much more all in one spot, even all in one order if you want. 

Certified Local

Finally, we knew that if we were going to do this we had to make a commitment to supporting local businesses. Every vendor on Rock City Market is a local person here in the state of Arkansas. We make sure of it. That way when you shop here you are directly supporting a local business or artisan. It has been our mission from the beginning.